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ALD Lab Saxony is a division of Cool Silicon e.V. and combines several universities and resarch institutes to the largest German ALD cluster. Please explore our website to discover the world of Atomic Layer Deposition and to receive informations, news and announcements from the ALD community.


CVD & ALD Market research

TECHCET provides market and technical trend information on organic and inorganic precursors, and electroinic gases addressing CVD, ALD applications including high κ metal-oxides, barrier layers, metal interconnects, and capping layers, among others,

• Provides focused information for supply-chain managers, process integration and R&D directors, as well as business development and financial analysts
• Covers information about key suppliers, issues/trends in the material supply chain, estimates on supplier market share, and forecast for the material segments

The follwoing Critical Materials Reports (TM) researched by BALD Engineering are available:

  • CVD/ALD Metal & High-k Precursors LINK
  • Advanced Dielectrics LINK
  • Electronc Gases LINK

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EFDS - Europäische Forschungsgesellschaft Dünne Schichten e.V. (LINK)

ALD Consulting

ALD Consulting, Market Research & Training for:

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