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ALD Lab Saxony

ALD Lab Saxony is a division of Cool Silicon e.V. and combines several universities and resarch institutes to the largest German ALD cluster. Please explore our website to discover the world of Atomic Layer Deposition and to receive informations, news and announcements from the ALD community.

Jonas Sundqvit is Co-chair of the CMC Conference 11-12th May Dallas USA and BALD Engineering is media & web provider for The Joint EuroCVD & Baltic ALD in Linköping, Sweden 11-14th of June 2017


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Research the History of ALD

VPHA - The Virtual project on the history of ALD.  ALD has become a technique that, for its part, changes the world we live in. As for any significant technology, it is interesting and important to know where the technique came from. How was the concept developed? What were the first ALD experiments? When, where and by whom were they made? Why were they made?  Introduction and invitation to participate availably thru ALD Pulse

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